It takes time to get to know your Tampa Bay house. It takes time to look through the closets and figure out the thermostat. Finally, you start to wonder about the roof. Are there many small parts or one large chunk? Your roof is an integrated system. Air vents on the roof are a crucial part of that system. This is how it works.


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How Ventilation Works In Houses

The ridge vents run along the top of your Tampa Bay area home, while the soffit vents run along its bottom (under its eaves). These open, screened areas allow air to flow into the attic. This air circulation is crucial for a healthy roof, just as a car has an intake and an exhaust.

Because it is lighter than cold air, warm air rises. The warm air in your attic rises and takes heat with it. The soffit vents let cool air in, which is similar to a car’s intake. The roof’s exhaust is the ridge vents, which act as the roof’s exhaust. As the air flows through the attic it heats up. The air circulation in your attic keeps the temperature about the same as outside air.

Heating, cooling, and humidifying the air in your living space can cost you a lot. It should be kept apart from the outdoor air to ensure comfort and good health. Attic air is outdoors air. Thanks to good attic insulation, it is separate from indoor air.

How Ventilation Can Help Your Roof

Proper ventilation (constant airflow in and out of your attic space) will allow your roof to breathe normally. The sheathing can thermally expand or contract, while the wood remains dry and cools off.air vents on roof

Your attic can become a hotbox full of misery if it is not properly ventilated. Humidity rises and clings on to wood framing members. This can cause rot, mold, or insect damage. Temperature rises, which softens roofing materials and prevents proper thermal expansion or contraction.

Your roof will die a slow, painful death if it doesn’t have adequate attic ventilation

Preventable Demise

Poor attic ventilation can be avoided. This is the saddest thing. You can call your local roofing contractor to inspect your attic space.

To get the air moving, talk to your roofer about better ventilation.

  • Remove packed insulation from the eaves
  • Replacing small ridge vents with larger ones
  • Adding gable vents
  • Installation of powered fans

Roofers should inspect your roof for proper ventilation. Too much ventilation can make your roof sound like a loud muffler. Balanced ventilation will keep your roof in good condition. Roofers can ensure that your ventilation is balanced by using a ventilation calculation formula along with the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Without proper ventilation in your roof, it can lead to costly repairs and even major roof damage down the road. So how will a roofer be able to tell if you have adequate ventilation during an inspection


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What Will The Roofer Do?

The first step that any good roofer should take is checking your attic space for signs of air movement or circulation. They’ll look at the air vents on the roof around windows and doors as well as any other openings in the ceiling or walls that could allow air flow into or out of your attic space. If they don’t see much airflow through these areas, then this could indicate poor venting capabilities within your home’s structure which needs addressing immediately before further damage occurs due to moisture build up in confined spaces like attics and crawl spaces. 


The inspectors will inspect all visible parts of the actual rooftop itself including shingles and flashing where applicable – looking for cracks , gaps , missing pieces etc, all which can cause improper venting issues such as ice dams forming on roofs when snow melts too quickly off them due lack thereof insulation/ventilation combo causing heat buildup underneath layers below instead allowing slow melt-off process naturally occurring with properly vented rooftops . This also helps keep interior temperatures more regulated throughout the year (less heating/cooling costs) so it’s definitely something worth paying attention too!  air vents on roof

Lastly but not least importantly

Their job isn’t complete until they’ve checked out ridge vents & soffit systems installed along eaves side(s). These are essential components making sure there’s enough intake & exhaust points letting fresh outside air come inside while pushing stale hot humid indoor environment back outside keeping everything balanced without compromising structural integrity over time from excessive moisture exposure caused by lack thereof sufficient airflow exchange happening between two aforementioned environments respectively speaking!

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