It is common to have roof damage from sun exposure in Florida Your climate will determine how much sun your roof has to face. Florida has long days with intense sunlight that can cause damage to roofing materials. What can you do to prevent your roof from being damaged by the sun?

Ultraviolet rays & asphalt

The sun emits ultraviolet (UV) radiation. There are several types of ultraviolet rays that can be seen in the sunlight. The sun’s UV rays can also cause asphalt to deteriorate, which is the main material used in roofing materials. Asphalt is very strong roofing material. To extend the life of asphalt shingles, manufacturers add granules to the top that reflects and color the light.

In most cases, the sun will not cause damage to your shingles over many years. It is usually what causes shingles to start to ripen and fall off towards the end of their lifespan. Shingles must be replaced before they become too damaged.

The heat from the sun

Secondary effects can also be caused by the heat of the sun on your shingles. Heat can cause shingles to become dry and crackly by heating them. The asphalt can expand due to heat. However, this is only temporary until the weather cools down and the material contracts making cracks worse. Thermal shock is a term that can quickly endanger your roof’s life span.

Can my roof fall early?

Floridan shingles won’t last as long as shingles in colder climates. They will eventually succumb to the effects of too much sun and you will have roof damage. Your asphalt shingles should last at least ten years. The warranty provided by the manufacturer doesn’t change with climate. Your roof should not fail sooner than you expect because of sun damage, as long as it isn’t being reflected from nearby buildings or magnifying glasses.

What can I do about sun damage to my roof?

There is nothing you can do to protect your roof’s shingles from the sun once they are installed. If you are replacing your roof, you have the option to choose a shingle better suited for our hot and sunny climate. Reggie Reed will help you choose the best shingle and replace or repair your roof damage.

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